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Garrett Brokers is here to assist you in your insurance needs.


  • We represent the best insurance companies in Costa Rica  and know the details of the policies they offer. This allows us to recommend the best ways to insure your needs, at the best price.
  • We will promptly remind you when your policies are coming up for renewal, and will make it easy for you to pay.
  • We will give you advice and support in case of claims, from the start and until you receive payment.
  • We have the most modern interactive website of the entire insurance industry in Costa Rica, where you can see  the status of your policies and changes thereto  and - most importantly - you can track the progress of your claims.
  • Offer an interactive website where you can effortlessly interact with our customer service personnel with regard to your policies, payments, claims, etc.
  • We are located in San José, conveniently near the insurance companies.
  • We have state-of-the-art communications, which allows us to minimize your direct exposure to the red tape of insurance companies.
  • We offer service in English and Spanish, and have English summaries of the most widely sold insurance policies.
  • We are able to easily communicate with risk managers of international corporations in order to coordinate  worldwide programmes.
  • We are part of a regional consortium of insurance brokers, and can coordinate coverage in all Central America.
  • We are local representatives of  Willis, one of the foremost worldwide insurance brokerages.
  • We have over 30 years of experience in Costa Rica, with an impeccable reputation.

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