Mission y Vision

Mission and Vision


To give glory and honour to God through an insurance brokerage that is noteworthy for its competence, integrity and compassion, and the personal testimony of its management and staff.


An organization made up of people of integrity and compassion that constantly engages in fair business practices in a professional and competent manner and in a spirit of service, to fulfill the clients’ needs in the field of insurance. The organization will be managed by people strongly committed to Christ, and staffed by people eager to give glory to God by their competence, diligence and desire to serve, and whose lifestyles honour God by following Biblical principles. The purpose of the organization is not only to broker the sale of insurance, but also to make a constructive difference in the community in which it operates, (principals, suppliers, clients, business associates), and in the lives of the people who form part of the management and staff.


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Fixed Tabs

The Phosphorus template includes a new "Fixed Tab" option. The template comes with 2 fixed tabs that you can enable and publish on your site. The great feature about the fixed tabs is that you can enter any text you desire and the text is auto flipped vertically! This is great for search engines to read your text and also saves the hassle of creating an image with vertical text and placing it on the side of your site. The tabs are published site wide and can have the following options that can be changed via the template parameters area:
  • Change background to any hex color
  • Change the border to any hex color
  • Change the font to any hex color
  • Set vertical position of each tab
  • Set each tab to either the left or right of the screen
  • Add a class to each fixed tab to enable s5 box or perhaps a lightbox or other 3rd party extension
  • Add a URL to each fixed tab so onclick the URL loads
  • Enter any text you desire (with no spaces)